5 Best WordPress Translation Plugins for Website

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Having aforementioned that, let’s take a glance at the simplest translation plugins out there for WordPress.

1. Polylang

Polylang may be a free WordPress translation plugin. It permits you to make trilingual content in as several languages as you would like.

Polylang totally supports RTL languages and works with most WordPress themes.


WPML is one in all the foremost in style WordPress trilingual plugin. it’s a paid plugin and comes with one year of premium support. WPML permits you to make trilingual websites.

You can translate all of your posts, pages, custom post varieties, and menus into any language you wish. It conjointly connects you with skilled translation services, thus you’ll be able to rent somebody to translate your content.

3. qTranslate X

qTranslate X is another powerful free WordPress trilingual plugin. it’s kind of like Polylang and WPML in practicality. It offers a simple thanks to producing trilingual content.

Users will switch languages whereas a piece of writing a post to at the same time work on content in numerous languages. it’s a growing list of third-party add-ons, and most of them are free. they permit you to integrate qTranslate with numerous alternative platforms and plugins.

How to Easily Create a Multilingual WordPress Site

4. Xili-language

Xili-language may be a free and powerful WordPress trilingual website plugin. Not solely will it permits you to make trilingual content, it may also amendment your theme’s language files looking on the content language.

The plugin comes with comprehensive tools to assist you to build your trilingual web site. It already supports most traditional WordPress compliant themes, and it’s an addon to create it work with several alternatives in style plugins.

5. Google Language Translator

Translating your content into totally different languages is time intense and needs a great deal of effort. That’s why several website homeowners prefer to opt for online translation tools like Google Translate.

Google Language Translator plugin provides a simple thanks to adding Google Translate to your WordPress website. Take a glance at our guide the way to add Google Translate in WordPress for elaborated directions.

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