5 Best Search and Replace WordPress Tools to Fix Content

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If you have got ever required to exchange one word or Associate in Nursing HTML string with a special word on a WordPress website, then you wish a look and replace tool. a look and replace tool may be a fast thanks to realizing text and replace it online while not creating major changes to your website.

These search and replace tools square measure a good to form fast fixes on your WordPress website. a number of these tools square measure creating this fixes among the WordPress info and a few square measure creating this fixes in real time.

Real-time search and replace implies that text may be found and replace on the fly whenever it’s required while not creating info changes thus you’ll be able to continuously revert back to the initial.

Database search and replace changes square measure permanent since the info cannot be reverted when it’s been modified unless in fact you have got continues backups.

The following plugins square measure the simplest choices for anyone trying to find a feature wealthy search and replace tool for WordPress.

5 Best Search and Replace WordPress Tools to Fix Content on your Website –

Search Regex:

Straightforward interface, simple to use. It supports powerful regular expressions and permits you to check the question. The fastness is extremely quick. extremely suggested.

Search & Replace: the interface is additional difficult. permit testing, however, speed is slow in returning the results. I created many mistakes mistreatment this plugin.

Find and replace: straightforward interface, however undecided if it supports search while not a replacement. the assistance document doesn’t clearly state that. I didn’t try and use it.

Recommendation: use Search Regex for search and replace strings in your WordPress website.

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